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Why I love trunk-based development (or pushing straight to master)

Earlier & better feedback, collective code ownership, fewer issues with merge conflicts, preservation of whole commit history,…


Yes, you should estimate software projects

Good communication is more important than perfect estimation. Be ready to discuss tradeoffs and prioritization if complexity is affecting the timeline.…


How to define and spend your tech debt budget

Define a technical debt budget - the maximum debt you can take on without affecting the business bottom line or your customers.…


Strategies for long projects

Stay optimistic, even when it seems irrational. Expect the unexpected, and take your time to respond to new developments or information.…


Good Engineering Practices while Working Solo

Stick to a workflow Organize & share components Write documentation Monitor Observe & iterate Communicate regularly with the rest of the team/client…


Efficient Software Project Management at its Roots

Clarity & alignment right from the start on why is the project being taken up, how will the team get it done and what role will each individual play Setting milestones that verify if the team is making progress in the right direction or not…