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Will Kubernetes fall into the “shiny things” trap?

New & shiny can also mean immature. Developers must be cautious about excessive reliance on new technologies. Do not ask simply how to leverage Kubernetes at scale, ask how to use a single abstraction to cover Kubernetes.…


Tips and tricks for scalable CI/CD flow

Define your VCS (version control system) flow, with help from Git Flow or Github Flow. When using a complicated manual release process, use tags to trigger production releases.…


How soon we forget: Security in the age of Docker and Kubernetes

Don't run binaries as root as that creates a privileged user and higher risks. Run containers with a read-only file system alone.…


9 Kubernetes security best practices everyone must follow

Always use the latest stable version. Enable role-based access control (RBAC). Avoid granting cluster-wide permissions.…


Kubernetes in production vs. Kubernetes in development: 4 myths

Running Kubernetes in dev/test gave you a firm handle on your operational needs. You have got reliability & security all figured out. Orchestration makes scaling a cinch. Kubernetes runs the same in every environment.…