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Happy customers, quality code: the new trends in software development

It takes an average of 3.3 different tools to know the real status of the project and teams use an average of 4.3 tools to move code from development to production. 57% developers reported fewer bugs or outages by adopting CI/CD solutions.…


The question of multiple databases and pre-production complexity

When working with long pipelines break up changes into smaller chunks that are easier to develop, test, and deploy. Deal with the complexity of distributed applications with a purpose-built tool.…


API first development approach and how it can help your business

An API-first approach helps dev teams reduce the cost of developing apps, increase speed-to-market & ensure good developer experiences.…


Taming the rate of change

Stability concerns amidst high change frequency is a new reality for us to accept and adapt to. During the normal course: Design & build for redundancy, Build pipelines to release safely & for rollback…


The pipeline-driven organization - enabling true continuous delivery

Allow people to focus on strategic decision making by removing the burden of tactical decisions. Ask your pipelines to make most of the tactical day-to-day decisions about code.…


Why we always start with CI/CD

CI/CD leads to the adoption of best practices & standardization (feature branches, code reviews, etc.) the deployment process is automated, reproducible and documented…