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Learnings from the journey to continuous deployment

Incremental changes result in easily maintainable products. Releasing with smaller changes at regular intervals brings value to customers faster and provides early feedback on future tasks.…


Automated continuous deployment at Heroku

When adding new automation, start small. Make it easy to onboard. Configuring pipelines and listing alerts to monitor should be easier than manually deploying…


Tips for high availability

Use testing & canary analysis to validate code before it is pushed to production. Deploy to production exactly what you tested. Know how to roll back any deploys quickly.…


Why we always start with CI/CD

CI/CD leads to the adoption of best practices & standardization (feature branches, code reviews, etc.) the deployment process is automated, reproducible and documented…


Releasing the World’s Largest Python Site Every 7 minutes

Instagram releases server code 70-100 times every day. At peak, it is done every 7 minutes. It has a monolith codebase of several million lines and a few thousand Django endpoints, all loaded up and served together.…