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Lessons from 13 years of tricky bugs

Some of the hardest bugs to track are those caused by code failing silently. Event order matters. Imagine all event orders possible while writing co…


Perspectives on issue tracking

It helps in enlisting unique tasks to be done. It helps identify ownership of an issue, sometimes extending to multiple roles.…


The fundamental philosophy of debugging

Realize that you don’t already know the answer. Don’t try to guess the causes. Look at data until you understand what is causing the problem.…


What does debugging a program look like?

- reproduce your bug, and reproduce it quickly - accept that it’s probably your code’s - fault - start doing experiments, change one thing at a time…


Java debugging at scale: when rare events become commonplace

This story of debugging an intermittent problem with Jira Cloud sheds light on the nature of problem solving in a large and complex software system.…