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Happy customers, quality code: the new trends in software development

It takes an average of 3.3 different tools to know the real status of the project and teams use an average of 4.3 tools to move code from development to production. 57% developers reported fewer bugs or outages by adopting CI/CD solutions.…


Tips and tricks for scalable CI/CD flow

Define your VCS (version control system) flow, with help from Git Flow or Github Flow. When using a complicated manual release process, use tags to trigger production releases.…


Benefits of continuous delivery

Small, frequent deploys contain less code and hence less risk of introducing bugs. Recovery is easier too. Troubleshooting is easier because there is a single change (or just very few) to check and it is fresh in your mind.…


The pipeline-driven organization - enabling true continuous delivery

Allow people to focus on strategic decision making by removing the burden of tactical decisions. Ask your pipelines to make most of the tactical day-to-day decisions about code.…